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Ragnarok is Upon Us! NFT GAME

Ragnarok NFT Game is an NFT based deck builder strategy game and is built on the Hive blockchain.

Game Art

The art is inspired by Norse mythology, recreating the most important characters. Fantastic, mythological and elemental aesthetics.

Photo by Minh Pham
Gods - Aesir
Photo by Lorenzo Herrera
Gods - Juton
Photo by Magicle
Goddesses - Juton
Photo by Magicle

About Ragnarok NFT game

Ragnarok is a NFT strategy game where gods and titans fight in strategic 1v1 duels on a chess board, seeking to be the last one standing.

Open Source

The game is developed in Unity and is open source.

Developed on Hive

We use the Hive blockchain as a base layer for user integration and tokenization.

Inspired by Norse mythology

We were inspired by Nordic mythology to create the artwork and many components of the game.