The end of the world is upon us...
Ragnarok is here!

Ragnarok is an NFT game based deck builder strategy game and is built on the Hive blockchain.

About the NFT Ragnarok game

Ragnarok is an NFT based deck builder strategy game in which the game starts as a game of Chess featuring gods, titans, and legendary beings as your chess pieces. When pieces meet on the board, these gods battle with a deep 1v1 turn-based strategic combat system where the last God, titan, or being standing wins.


Every battle is unique, every battle matters, every battle is written in history, forever. Winners are immortalized, while their opponents are devasted. It’s an all-or-nothing game, as is life. Ragnarok is not for the faint of heart, only true warriors survive.

battle system

Chess with a novel 1v1, Lots of strategy thanks to a deep dueling system

skills, spells and pets

Hundreds of gods with their own passive abilities, along with spells and pets to aid you in combat

NFT gods

Develop and improve your own NFT gods as you play, the history of the cards is permanent, see the great wars fought

Collect and improve

Collect weapons, equipment, items, and spells & as drops and sway new legendary beings to make your deck the best you can

Ragnarok Claim Tokens

The official claim date for the RCTs is 4/20/22!

All Hivers who had Hive and/or Hive Power during the SPK Network claim drop event (1/6/2022) are eligible to receive free Ragnarok Claim Tokens! (RCTs)

  • With these tokens, you will be able to claim the Ragnarok NFTs when they launch.

  • You will get 1 to 1 RCTs for your Hive/HP balance via the Jan 6th snapshot for the SPK Network.

  • There are 3.3 million total NFTs, with about 371 million Hive at the time of the snapshot, so it will take around 112 RCTs to claim one Ragnarok NFT. The exact numbers will be posted during the claim announcement.

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Be part of the community of this game that is in full development and keep up to date with all the updates.

This website allusive to the NFT Ragnarok game has no direct relation with the main decisions that are made within the game, any action you take on this website is at your own risk, we do not offer warranty.