How to Test Ragnarok - Detailed Instructions

Download the Game:

  1. Access the Google Drive link and locate the Ragnarok .zip file.
  2. Download the .zip file to your computer.


  1. Find the .zip file in your downloads folder and extract all contents.
  2. Open the unzipped folder to access the game files.

Launching the Game:

  1. Double-click 'Chess2D.exe' within the folder. If a security prompt appears, select 'Run Anyway'.
  2. Once the game launcher opens, click on 'Play' to commence your adventure in Ragnarok.

Note: You can play against yourself by opening the game twice.

Ragnarok Open Test!

Get a taste of Ragnarok by downloading the latest Windows build from the Google Drive folder provided. Plans to make the game browser-compatible are in progress to increase accessibility.

Ragnarok is an open-source project in the game development community, encouraging contributions from enthusiasts. The current version for testing is not the final product, with ongoing improvements to the UI and features. Despite recent quiet periods, Ragnarok is actively evolving. The project values the support and patience of its community.